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Empreintes are wines deeply marked by the terroir, the grape varieties, a culture but above all by the family DNA and the different generations.

Blend of different predominantly granitic plots on the steep and sunny terroirs of Niedermorschwihr, Katzenthal, Turckheim and Ingersheim.


Harvested manually, the juices ferment naturally thanks to indigenous yeasts.

The aging on lees takes place during a winter in hundred-year-old oak barrels followed by bottling in the spring.

Vineyard Garden Vintage 2022

The “Jardin des Vignes” But where does this name come from?
As in a garden made up of different varieties, here it is a blend of different plots and different grape varieties from our vineyard that make up this wine.

The wines are fresh, ready to drink within 5 years of bottling.

Empreintes - Vins de tradition Edelzwicker

Sylvaner Vintage 2022

Less and less present in Alsace, the Sylvaner, worked with low yields, makes it possible to obtain wines
with a beautiful concentration, vivacity and mineral expression typical of our soils.

Blending of different parcels of old vines in the commune of Niedermorschwihr.

Riesling Vintage 2022

Blend of different plots of our vineyard.

The singular representation of a Riesling from a predominantly limestone terroir.

Blend of two different plots in the commune of Katzenthal. Identity, this 2021 Riesling offers ample acidity with a good length.

Empreintes Riesling Boxler

Pinot Noir Vintage 2022

Different plots of Pinot Noir on several granitic terrains, in particular on the Grand Cru Brand.

This wine is made between our free-run juice and press juice. The contribution of wood is reasoned by the age of our different barrels from different Burgundian coopers.


Domain Justin BOXLER

❝ Fresh wines, ready to drink within 5 years after bottling ❞

Muscat Vintage 2022

Blend of different plots of our vineyard. Soil with strong granitic dominance.

Harvested by hand, gentle pressing for six hours to preserve the aromas of the grapes. Natural fermentation in century-old oak barrels. Aging on fine lees for one winter before bottling in the spring.

Vins d'Alsace le Muscat

Pinot Auxerrois Vintage 2022

Unlike Pinot Blanc, Pinot Auxerrois offers more fruity aromas with less acidity.

Its color is distinguished by a yellow color with a beautiful clarity.
The nose opens with notes of white fruit, slightly toasted.
On the palate, the attack is fresh and reveals floral notes.
The finish is well balanced with smoky notes.

Pinot Gris Vintage 2022

One of the four noble Alsatian grape varieties.
Blend of different plots of our vineyard.

Its color is golden yellow with a beautiful clarity.
On the nose it opens with notes of raisins.
He is flexible on offense.
In the mouth it is concentrated and smoky.
The finish is balanced with a nice freshness

Vins d'Alsace Empreintes Pinot Gris
Empreintes Pinot-Noir Boxler

Pinot Noir Rosé Vintage 2022

The wines are fresh, fruity and delicious.
Ready to drink within 2 years after bottling.
Pleasure, summer wine.

Pale pink in color with a beautiful clarity.
On the nose it is fine and opens with smoky notes.
The attack is supple and balanced.
On the palate it is ample with a gourmet finish.

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