Overripe wines Long aging wines

These wines come from grapes whose harvest is delayed, which has the effect of contributing to the over-ripeness of the grapes.

Thus, the riper these grapes offer more sugar and alcohol. It is therefore, by an extreme maturity that the taste is amplified and gives this soft juice, aromatic power. But also, the gift of long keeping.

Exceptional wines are generally referred to as “Vendanges Tardives” and “Selection de Grains Nobles”.

However, not all vintages lend themselves to this. The off-season after the harvest is decisive for preserving the grapes that will produce the excellence of this juice.


The grapes are depleted of water. The consequence of this reduction gives the juice more sugar and aromas. This has the corollary of a high concentration of alcohol.

In summary, these wines are sublimated by a strong intensity in aromas and sweetness. These exceptional wines can be kept for more than 10 years.

Muscat Late harvests

Muscat is a grape variety that is very rarely worked overripe. This specific, over-ripe cuvée can only see the light of day in vintages when the weather is favorable.

This 2017 cuvée represents our first attempt at the Muscat grape variety in Late Harvest. Thus, 932 bottles were produced from a plot of twenty years.

Of a bright yellow color, with an initially shy nose on which awakens floral aromas, such as elderflower. The attack is sharp. The mouth is concentrated and rich offering a feeling of fat while remaining fruity and greedy. The finish is elegant and floral.

Vins d'Alsace Empreintes Muscat

Pinot Gris Late harvests

This specific, over-ripe cuvée can only see the light of day in vintages when the weather is favorable.

2015 was marked by a sunny and exceptionally dry late season. The vines are located on a plot of forty years.

This wine has an intense golden yellow color and coats the glass with beautiful tears.
On the nose, it is immediately very expressive, and characterized by the typicality of the grape variety. It gives off notes of pineapple, apricot and candied fruit. On the attack it is expressed gently and is accompanied by slightly toasted flavors.

Pinot Gris Selection of noble grains

This Pinot Gris, selection of noble grains, is produced in exceptional years, the result of a favorable climate.

2017 is therefore a special vintage forged by the weather, a mild late season useful to the success of this cuvée in the selection of noble grains.

Without rain, the season was ideal for the development of noble rot.

650 bottles come from plots that are around forty years old.

Its opulent golden yellow color and very expressive nose are characterized by notes of acacia honey. On the palate this wine is rich and fat, with a nice acid frame on the finish. A round, gourmet wine with a nice note of freshness.

Vins d'Alsace Empreintes Pinot Gris

Pinot Gris 2018 Cuvée Ernest

The Ernest cuvée is harvested over-ripe, on the Sumpfgarten plot on the Katzenthal ban, a neighboring village.
The soils are greasy, heavy clay type and allow to support an over-maturity on foot.
A wine of indulgence and pleasure, this cuvée is ready to drink and will stand the test of time.

Its color is a deep yellow.
On the nose it is toasted with notes of raisins.
On the attack it is ample with a concentrated and powerful mouth with smoky notes.
Gras et gourmand en finale.

Justin Boxler Domaine Logo

Domain Justin BOXLER

❝ Steep and sunny soils, with an inclination of up to 45° ❞

Geographic location

The diversity of Alsatian wine-growing soils, rich in 13 geological varieties, composes a mosaic of terroirs conducive to the production of exceptional wines with a strong personality.
At the Justin Boxler estate, the soils are essentially granitic (Brand, Sommerberg, Wineck-Schlossberg), limestone (Florimont, Pfoeller), clay and marl sandstone.

Granitic: Two Micas
“La colline du Soleil”, the Grand Cru Sommerberg located in Niedermorschwihr on 29 ha and a slope of 45°. Facing south.
“La terre de feu”, the Grand Cru Brand located in Turckheim on 58 ha. A hillside in an arc.
“La colline du chateau”, the Grand Cru Wineck-Schlossberg on 28 ha in Katzenthal.

“Le Mont Fleurie”, the Grand Cru Florimont located in Ingersheim on 21 ha. A hillside in an arc.

les parcelles du domaine Boxlersur plan
Granitic: Two Micas
Grand Cru Sommerberg
«The Hill of the Sun»
29 ha in Niedermorschwihr
Inclined at 45°
facing south.
Granitic: Two Micas
Grand Cru Wineck-Schlossberg
« The hill of the castle »
28 ha in Katzenthal
Grand Cru Florimont
« Mont Fleurie »
21 ha in Ingersheim
Arc-shaped hillside
Granitic: Two Micas
Grand Cru Brand
«land of fire»
58 ha in Turckheim
Hillside in an arc of a circle.

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