Grands Crus

The Grands Crus the expression of a terroir

Our Grands Crus are the testimony of the expression of a terroir classified in the most singular way. In short, they transcribe in the cellar the only influence of the microclimate specific to our sector of Alsace.

Our vineyard is predominantly granitic, known as “à deux Micas”, it extends due south over steep and very sunny soils. Significant examples such as the exhibitions of Sommerberg in Niedermorschwihr, Brand in Turckheim, Wineck-Schlossberg in Katzenthal. But still, the Florimont hill with its typically Mediterranean flora and fauna on the heights of Ingersheim, and made up of mano-limestone soil.

It is therefore with a steep slope that our grapes are harvested by hand, and for six hours we collect the subtle aromas by slow and delicate pressing.

Subsequently, the vinification evolves by a natural fermentation under the impetus of indigenous yeasts in century-old oak barrels.

Finally, the aging takes place on fine lees for a year, before bottling in the summer, at the beginning of the new harvest.

Riesling Brand 2018

Wine from a slope inclined at 45° and overlooking the town of Turckheim.

The south-facing Brand terroir is precocious and warm. It is made of fractured granite. This agglomerated rock of quartz, feldspar and mica called the Turckheim granite, gives its identity to the Brand.

On this ancient base of a surface of 57 ha, extend steep slopes which culminate at 380m.

Of a deep yellow color. A discreet nose that expresses mineral and fruity (citrus) notes. On the palate it is racy and rich. The finish is greedy and fresh.

This wine is made from a single plot, the “Kirchtal”, planted in 1982.

Brand Riesling Grand Cru

Riesling Sommerberg 2018

The grand cru Sommerberg is a ban located in the town of Niedermorschwihr in the extension of the summit of Galtz (730m). It faces south over an open valley. Its relief is characterized by a succession of three amphitheatres separated by outcrops of bedrock.

The hillside is lined with vines up to the summit which culminates at 400m. Its southern exposure on a very steep slope makes it sunny. The soil is characterized by a “stoniness” varying from 25 to 80cm deep. The age of our parcel is about fifty years old.

Wine of a sustained yellow color which on the nose opens with floral notes. On the palate it is opulent, marked by balance between depth and breadth. The finish is minty.

This wine comes from the association of two plots: the “Mittelberg” planted in 1970 and the “Schorr” planted in 1990.

Riesling Florimont 2018

This wine is the testimony of the expression of Florimont classified Grand Cru, in its most singular way.
With the only influence being the Alsatian microclimate.
On a substrate of Bathonian and Bajocian limestone, this hillside vineyard overlooks the wine-growing town of Ingersheim.
This wine comes from a single plot, the “Erdhauser”, partly planted in 1976 and 1992.

Its color is a deep yellow.
On the nose it is discreet and opens with menthol notes, lemon zest.
The palate is fine and greedy, racy in the finish.

Brand Riesling Grand Cru

Pinot Gris Sommerberg 2017

Gold Medal at the Great Competition of White Wines of the World in Strasbourg in 2019.

Its color is golden yellow and on the nose it is fine and smoky.
On the palate it is rich and fat, over-ripe. Aromas of raisins. The finish is balanced.

This wine is made up of two plots: the “Schokert” planted in 1984 and the “Schorr” planted in 1994.

Pinot Gris Brand 2017

Wine of a golden yellow color. On the nose it is fine and smoky.

On the palate it is rich and fat, over-ripe.

Aromas of raisins.

The finish is balanced.

This wine is made from a single plot, the “Kirchtal”, planted in 1983.

Gewurztraminer Florimont 2017

The hillside of Florimont (flowered mountain) is located mainly on the ban of Ingersheim and for a small part on that of Katzenthal. Located in an advance of the hills under the Vosges. It consists of a substrate of Bathonian and Bajocian limestone covered below by conglomerates and Oligocene marls.

Exposed on South, South-East slopes between 250 and 280m altitude. This unique place in Alsace is overlooked by a pubescent oak forest classified Natura2000 for its fauna and flora.

Its color is a deep yellow. On the nose it exhales its power and remains fine on an aspect of exotic fruits. On the palate it is ample and rich and marked by spicy notes. The finish is round and greedy.

Gewurztraminer Wineck-Schlossberg 2016

Nestled between the municipalities of Katzenthal and Ammerschwihr, the Wineck-Schlossberg is a granitic terroir benefiting from a very beautiful South / South-East exposure.

A minerality and a salinity make typical this culminating soil of 300 / 400 meters of altitude.

A wine of a yellow color with beautiful golden reflections. On the nose it is intense and opens with notes of exotic fruits. Its attack is ample, its mouth fruity, round and syrupy. The finish adds notes of rose and spices, all in delicacy…

vins d'alsace Gewurztraminer grand cru wineck-schlossberg
Justin Boxler Domaine Logo

Domain Justin BOXLER

❝ Steep and sunny soils, with an inclination of up to 45° ❞

Geographic location

The diversity of Alsatian wine-growing soils, rich in 13 geological varieties, make up a mosaic of terroirs conducive to the production of wines with a strong personality.
At the Justin Boxler estate, the soils are essentially granitic (Brand, Sommerberg, Wineck-Schlossberg), limestone (Florimont, Pfoeller), clay and marl sandstone.

Two-Mica Granitic :
“Colline du Soleil”, our Grands Crus du Sommerberg located in Niedermorschwihr extend over the 29 ha of this hill with a slope of 45°. Facing south.
“Tierra del Fuego”, these Grands Crus Brand located in Turckheim are spread over the 58 ha of this hillside in an arc of a circle.
“Castle Hill”, the Wineck-Schlossberg Grands Crus located in Katzenthal are spread over the 28 ha of this area.

Clay-limestone :
“Mont Fleurie”, our Grands Crus Florimont located in Ingersheim extend over the 21 ha of this land. A hillside in an arc.

les parcelles du domaine Boxlersur plan

A Deux Micas (Granite)
Sommerberg Grand Cru
«The Hill of the Sun»
29 ha in Niedermorschwihr
Inclined at 45°
facing south.

Granitic: Two Micas
Grand Cru Wineck-Schlossberg
« The hill of the castle »
28 ha in Katzenthal
Grand Cru Florimont
« Mont Fleurie »
21 ha in Ingersheim
Arc-shaped hillside

The Grand Cru Brand
"Terra del Fuego" Granite with Two Micas on 58 ha in Turckheim
Hillside in an arc of a circle.

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